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Main » 2011 » November » 11 » New design and changes to site
1:31 PM
New design and changes to site
As you can see i added some new grand features and tweaks.
First of all i would like you to introduce the new gadget at the left bar, its the shoutbox, or lets just say chat. The main feature of this gadget, is ability for guests to chat, and also add interactive smileys.
The second feature mostly can be prefered as "pop" feature, its the new glossy design! The bacground and the buttons are whole changed, and mostly, i drawen up all in Game Maker by myself.
The 3rd feature is some tweaks on forum. As you can see the forum is no longer 'Test Forum"
It is general forum now. Ofcourse, there is another forum wich only staff's can see, its the test forum, for moderators to test the links spams, ETC.
The 4th feature most probably be, the fix of 'Downloads' module. It was called like that, but now its called "Latest entries"
The 5th feature is moderation changes. The guests are still able to rate, and view downloads, but no longer download them. Please register to be able to download, chat and way much more.
The last feature is tweaks on ucoz, and paypal. I started working on money system, so donations will be possible as soon as i can. Why i made donations? To remove those "ucoz" advertisments. Ucoz tweaks are small. The moderation bar at top is now grey, and title on top is changed. So, keep updated, i will make the site as good as it possible, for developers to learn!
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